“The course helped me to prepare a plan of how to approach different scenarios and gave me the tools to manage my mind and accept/deal with events. I learned a lot about the birthing process and hypnobirthing techniques. I felt empowered after the course and in labour I used hypnosis to cope with the pain and went to my safe place in my mind during peak contractions in conjunction with breathing techniques.
My birth partner repeated my affirmations and used lavender and frankincense essential oils to assist with relaxation. The breathing techniques were the most effective in preparation for the peak contraction and through this I was able to calm myself.
I definitely trusted my body and just went with it during labour. The hypnobirthing helped me keep a clear and focused mind.
I felt increasingly calm and more positive leading up to the birth. I felt like whatever happened, I had the tools to remain calm and be accepting of however my birth would play out. I felt in control of myself and was able to manage my nerves and anxiety surrounding birth.
I was anxious due to a previous experience but this course helped me keep a level head and stay in control of myself.”

“I mean…where to start? I found Anne online after extensive search for prenatal yoga in my area. What drew me in was the full package, Anne offers so many fantastic courses relating to birth and the fact she’s a midwife is the icing on the cake. I just had to join. And that was the beginning of my journey with this lovely lady! I did prenatal yoga, my partner and I had a few hypnobirthing sessions and I then went along to baby massage with my son a few weeks after he was born. The knowledge, guidance and support I received from Anne during this time was absolutely priceless. She was everyone’s midwife on the side, answering questions, share sources of information and generally giving us all a little pick me up if we needed it, like full “wrap around” care. Simply brilliant! My only regret is not finding her sooner. If you’re considering joining just one of Anne’s classes I’d highly recommend and tell you to prepare for an amazing journey meeting new people, relaxing and learning. Thank you for everything, Anne! “Xx

“I think a combination of using my Hypnobirth to stay relaxed and the way we were treated in the hospital, contributed to my ‘easier’ birth experience. I really felt safe, warm and comforted. I didn’t have a single internal examination throughout, the midwife was only present for the last hour, bringing in a second midwife for the last 4 contractions and we got to have our own time with the baby as we had hoped so much for. I’m crying with happiness just writing this.”

“Thanks Anne for all your help. It’s undone my poor experience of labour and replaced it with a positive experience. I think it helped me with breastfeeding too. I felt calm and relaxed as she latched on straight away”

“We asked Anne to help my husband and I tune into each other as part of our preparation for a home water birth. We were really keen for him to be involved in the labour through supporting me, and felt Natal Hypnotherapy would give him a practical role, but with an emotional connection. We had a lovely time with Anne, and felt ready for our home birth. Instead, our baby was born in hospital after an induction, without my husband there! But I found the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques Anne showed me especially helpful when facing the unexpected!

I had an extremely fast labour (23 minutes according to my notes!) and quite early on I realised things were progressing very quickly, and had a bit of a panic as I knew my husband and doula wouldn’t make it in time. The contractions were very powerful, intense and unrelenting. I knew I needed to relax, accept and let the birth happen as it was – no pool and candlelight for me! So I used some relaxation techniques Anne had helped me with, and managed to find my calm. From this point I really enjoyed my birth! I came away feeling really strong and empowered. And once I had calmed myself, I felt no pain!”

“Having previously experienced several hypnotherapy practitioners, I found Anne to be exemplary in her sensitivity, empathy and commitment to getting our script right. The script that she wrote to support me through my fear of flying was perfectly tailored to fit me and my needs. Flying has become much more manageable for me, with Anne’s help. I would have no hesitation in recommending her practice.”