Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to find some me time each week. You learn how to gently stretch and balance your ligaments, how to adjust your posture to help with your changing body shape. I teach breathing techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed in pregnancy, labour and birth. You meet other pregnant women in our weekly live online classes.

Pregnancy yoga classes are live online on Thursday evenings from 6.00pm – 7.30pm and on Tuesday mornings 10-11.30am. 

class of pregnancy yoga mums stokesley

"Hi Anne, just want to say thanks again for the class, I absolutely loved it and it’s made me feel so much better.”

Pregnancy Yoga FAQs

Not at all. Birthlight yoga for pregnancy helps because all the practices are adapted for the growing pregnant body with any ailments accommodated. Suitable for the complete beginner though to experienced yoga teachers!

The weekly classes are ideal if you have anxiety. They are a warm, welcoming and reassuring place to come each week to gently stretch, breath and find some calm. Women love the long relaxation at the end for helping with anxiety.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable from 14 weeks onwards. I often have a waiting list so it’s best to get in touch earlier rather than later!

Although it’s ideal to start earlier and practice every week you can still benefit from a couple of lessons before you have your baby. Come and enjoy the end of your pregnancy!

Birthlight yoga teaches you simple breathing techniques, ways to stay calm and in control of the intensity of the contractions and you’ll become more in touch with your body. We work on ‘birthing lightly’, making internal space and using the breath to ‘exhale push’ your baby without holding your breath or forcefully pushing.We practice this every week so that you get more and more used to it and it becomes natural ready for labour.

I am also a hypnobirthing teacher and a midwife so have lots of experience supporting women to prepare their minds and bodies for labour and birth.

Birthlight yoga practice is very specific and helps with all pregnancy related aches, pains and discomfort from heartburn, back pain to pelvic pain. You can learn ways to work on these issues between classes too.

Birthlight yoga has been developed through working with pregnant women and incorporates carefully selected and long tested classic yoga practices for the benefit of pregnant women and women in labour.

The Birthlight Trust is a charity which promotes an integrated holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and babyhood with yoga.