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Anne’s Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing workshop is still available whilst the UK is in lockdown. We meet live online using zoom where I teach you and your partner the straightforward and powerful techniques of self-hypnosis. With some regular practice you will be able to use these tools to cope calmly whatever your labour journey.

"I felt increasingly relaxed and more positive leading up to the birth. I felt like whatever happened, I had the tools to remain calm and be accepting of however my birth would play out."

Why Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing means learning self-hypnosis techniques ready for childbirth. It is an empowering process as you learn how easy it is to influence your mind and body so that they can work together positively. You become more confident about your forthcoming birth. During labour you are relaxed and in control which helps your baby to stay calm too. The techniques are scientific based and straightforward to learn and apply.

Hypnobirthing can’t guarantee that you will birth in a certain way. But it does mean that you can influence the way you react to any situation. Being able to remain calm no matter what happens is better for you and for your baby too.

"I found the steps easy to learn and practise. I looked forward to some me time, switching off whilst listening to the downloads knowing that I was doing everything I could to get ready for the birth of my baby"

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How does it work?

Taking the course with Anne the Midwife means you benefit from my experience as a midwife as well as a hypnotherapist. As you start practising the techniques you will notice that you become more able to relax your mind and body at will. We will bust all those pre-conceptions you might have about hypnosis – I won’t be asking you to ‘look into my eyes’ or make you cluck about like a chicken! You are in complete control and your birth partner learns how to support you to stay in this positive, relaxed state.

You will create some personal affirmations and understand why these are beneficial and how to start using them straight away. I will also teach you some straightforward breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques for you to practise.

By the end of the course you will have your own pregnancy and birth plan to take away with you. This is your ‘at a glance’ guide to all the personalised tools and techniques that you can practise in preparation for the big day.

"I felt in control, I felt safe, I felt supported and I knew I was going to get a little baby at the end which kept me focused"

It may be that you’re not feeling particularly anxious about birth. The course will still help you benefit from learning about how your body works in labour. Self-hypnosis is effective for everyone regardless of how relaxed or anxious they are. If you are preparing for a caesarean birth you can take a shorter course. I can still support you to make your birth plan and teach you the techniques for remaining calm throughout the whole procedure. And again this is best for your baby too.

You can attend the Birth Preparation and Hypnosis course either on your own or with your birth partner – this might be your life partner, mum or a friend. We will meet live online using Zoom for 4 x two-hour sessions. Perfect if your partner works away as they can still meet with us online. Ideally you take the course when you are between 25-34 weeks pregnant, but if it is more convenient for you, it can be taken at any stage in your pregnancy.

What will my birth partner gain from hypnobirthing?

I have seen lots of birth partners struggle not knowing what to do in labour. They can feel out of their depth and useless. You can change all that by learning the self-hypnosis techniques together. This way your birth partner really understands the power of self hypnosis and is confident in knowing how to support you. I teach them how to manage the birthing room and how they can confidently talk things through with the midwife. Leaving you to get on with birthing.

Maybe you are reading this thinking ‘yeah right – but you don’t know my partner – they wouldn’t attend anything like this’? Hear what these birth partners thought after attending the course.
”Before we did your course I honestly didn’t think it would work because it ( hypnobirthing) isn’t my kind of thing. But I was really surprised how it helped. It was such as good feeling knowing what I was doing was helping her. I felt I could do so much more than just sit by her side. I was surprised how calm she was. She isn’t very good with pain and I expected her to panic more but she was so calm and took it all in her stride.”
Dave 2016
”I highly recommend the course to birth partners and mothers. It makes the imminent birth feel less daunting.“
James 2018
“Anne is very knowledgeable and great at speaking to couples. She made it easy to understand each topic”.
Mark 2016


The 8-hour Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing live online course for just you and your birth partner is exceptional value at just £200. In addition to 8 hours personal 1:1 online time with me, you receive a copy of the hypnobirthing book Effective Birth Preparation by Maggie Howell posted directly to your home (RRP £12.99). I provide you with MP3 downloads that you can listen to on any device. Handouts will be e-mailed or posted directly to you. To secure your place you pay a deposit of just £50 and the balance isn’t paid until just before we meet for the first session. I offer a monthly installment plan to spread the cost – please contact me if this will help.