Midwife, hypnotherapist and yoga teacher

I am a hypnobirthing midwife, Pregnancy, Postnatal Yoga and Baby Massage teacher based in North Yorkshire. All my courses take place live online using zoom so you can join from wherever you are based using a mobile device or laptop.

I became interested in hypnobirthing after being at a labour where a woman used self-hypnosis techniques. Her labour was so different to others that I had seen. Although she still made some noise, she seemed calmer in herself, less afraid. The sounds she made were different too. They were groans and they appeared to help her cope. She moved and swayed instinctively with her body. I could see she was still having to work hard, that there were times when she was unsure that she could do it. But her birth partner knew how to reassure and help her keep focused. Lots of other elements were in place; the room was quieter, the lights were dimmed, she had music playing in the background. All of these helping her to feel safe, relaxed and in control.
Anne the midwife yoga hypnobirthing
I then trained in a particular brand of hypnobirthing called Natal Hypnotherapy™ developed by Maggie Howell. Since then I have developed my own coaching package to support couples preparing for their labour and birth using hypnobirthing.

The more I found out about hypnosis the more interested I became in how it could be used in other areas of life and this led me to qualify as a general hypnotherapist in 2015. Being a hypnobirthing teacher and a midwife means I can combine my experiences and provide tailor made coaching to expectant mums and their birth partners.
All my classes and coaching are taught live online. My Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing course is 1:1 individually designed for you and your birth partner. We meet using zoom on your phone or laptop for 4 x two-hour sessions. If your birth partner works away, they can join us online from wherever they are.

I suggest that you take the Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing course when you are between 28-34 weeks pregnant, but it’s designed that it can be taken at any stage in pregnancy

From Pregnancy To Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Learn how to gently stretch and balance your ligaments and adjust your posture to help with your changing body shape. Practise helpful breathing techniques to stay calm and relaxed in pregnancy and to use in labour and birth. Classes are held live-online using Zoom.

Postnatal Yoga

Bring your baby to this live online class where you’ll learn how to re-align and ‘close the body’ following birth. The classes are suitable from day one up to baby being on the move. You can attend if you had your baby by caesarean.

Baby Massage Classes

Enjoy the beneficial techniques of massage with baby in our live online course. Great for bonding and relaxing together. Learn how to help your baby if they have constipation or colic. Meet other Mums and little ones. Includes post-natal stretches and relaxation.