Birth Plans Part 2


Welcome to part 2 of my 3 part blog covering Birth Plans. Today I’ll be providing some ideas of how to get started with creating your own plan.

Just to re-cap on what I have covered so far.

  • Your birth plan is more than a wish for your perfect birth. You are making a number of plans for different scenarios including your best plan for a caesarean birth. This way you have prepared for all eventualities.
  • Your birth plan is unique to you. It can be as detailed or short as you want but it’s important that you spend a fair bit of time researching the different options that you have.
  • You DO have lots of options to make regardless of the type of birth you have.
    Once you start creating yours you will learn LOADS more about labour and birth!

So where to start?

There is a basic template provided by the NHS and you might have a similar one in your maternity notes. Whilst this might be a good place to begin, it is a bit limited as to the wide range of decisions available in labour and birth.

Perhaps you need a bit of inspiration from someone who has been through the process? You can see Allie’s plan that she made and read about how it worked when she gave birth.


Another suggestion is to start with a blank sheet of paper and think about labour from start to finish. Consider all the choices you have along the way. You could use the free pictures from The Positive Birth Movement for inspiration and information. Simply drag them into a blank document and arrange them how you want. Or use the old fashioned method of printing, cutting and sticking them onto a sheet of paper!

Skin to Skin positive birth

There are blank templates available that you can search for on the internet, download and fill in. Search on google for free birth plan templates to help you get started. Find one that appeals to you. This will help you create a framework and prompt you with sections to help you decide on your choices for different aspects of labour and birth.

You don’t have to necessarily type it out in a report style. And if you use the positive birth movement icons you will create something more visual. Katie put together her birth plan in this format;

The Positive Birth Movement also have made a handy box of cards to help you make your decisions. You can lay them out, remove the ones that you don’t want to include, re-arrange them until you are happy with the content. They are really great at explaining the information regarding your decisions and choices. If you are local and attend any of my classes I am happy to lend you my set.

Positive birth movement cards

Next week I’ll be giving some examples of the options available to you and providing you with some guidance of where to get the information to help with your decision making. Meanwhile I hope you are getting started with creating your own unique and individual plan!

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