The birth of my new web-site!

I’ve had an exciting, virtual boost of sunshine this week with the launch of my new web-site created by the amazing Done Digitally. I love the fresh, bright look and every time I see it I get a little leap of joy in my heart.

Pregnancy yoga

The designer, Victoria, is a hypnobirthing client from a few years back. She experienced a positive birth as a result of learning and applying the simple techniques that I taught her in pregnancy. It’s been brilliant working with someone as passionate as I am about getting the hypnobirthing message across to as many pregnant women as possible. The fact that she is an experienced hypnobirthing mum herself meant I didn’t have to explain it all to her, she has experienced the power of the techniques first hand!

Victoria’s approach was to provide me with ideas to look at in order to help decide what it was that I wanted. She inspired me with her creativity. The pretty watercolour backdrop and brush stroke effect on the pages compliment my logo colours beautifully. The eye catching vector illustrations depict the different services I offer, taking you to the detail of each class. Her expertise has created my new exciting brand and I love it!

Post Natal Yoga

I tested the new web-site out on some of my current hypnobirthing clients to see what they thought. One replied “Website looks fantastic!!!! Makes me excited to do the course!” which was such a thrill to receive.

I have also received endless behind the scenes help and support from They ensure that I have a secure web-site and comply with relevant regulations plus lots of other techie stuff that I would struggle with on my own. They have been very patient with me as the techie stuff just isn’t my world ( and thank goodness it’s theirs)!

Yes it’s been a challenge to keep focused amongst the corona virus lock down and the implications for my services to pregnant women and their families. When it was announced that pregnant women were being classed as a vulnerable group, I had to immediately switch from face to face teaching and develop all my classes and courses to live online.

However, I am happy to say that this has been a successful transition. I have adjusted the hypnobirthing course to four shorter sessions of 2 hours each, which feels more manageable now that we have to work via screens. This is also a practical solution for clients who are at home with other children and don’t have childcare support.

We have had fun adjusting some of the interactive exercises to make them more accessible and screen-friendly, keeping the course visually interesting. I will continue to offer couples the same high quality course as before and support them to have an empowering birth experience.

Now more than ever I urge you to think about preparing for labour using self-hypnosis. Pregnant women are more anxious than before, with having to cope with all the restrictions on their antenatal appointments, NHS courses being cancelled and changes to the number of birth partners allowed with them during labour.

Practicing the mind techniques that I teach and listening to the relaxing downloads will help you to have some switch off time from worrying in your pregnancy. It’s natural to respond to the situation with anxiety but we know that releasing lots of stress hormones in pregnancy isn’t good for you or your baby.

One of my hypnobirthing clients who is 34 weeks and took my course when she was 29 weeks told me just yesterday “I do massively feel a lot of negativity has left me”. How brilliant that during these stressful times she is able to feel more calm, relaxed and in control of her emotions. Simply by practicing the techniques and using the tools that my course provided her with. Better for her and better for her baby.

Signing up to my course means that after we have met live online for the 4 sessions you will have me on the end of the phone to answer any questions and provide you with reassurance. You will receive a copy of the book ‘Effective Birth Preparation’ to read and inspire you as you prepare for childbirth. You’ll listen to the MP3 downloads which are yours to keep and you will practice the straightforward techniques that I teach you. All to empower you to have a more positive birth experience regardless of where you birth, the type of birth or who is by your side.

If you are considering hypnobirthing with me but are worried about how to pay please get in touch so that we can explore solutions. I am so passionate about how this will help you in labour that together we can explore ways to make this work for you.

My yoga classes and baby massage course have also successfully switched over to live online. I have changed the time of one of the evening classes to a bit later so that mums with little ones can put children to bed before coming to class (and then go straight to bed themselves after the relaxation!).

Baby massage

I am also holding free, regular weekly catch up and check ins for pregnant women and mums with babies so we can stay connected and support each other. This is a space to share the difficulties and challenges of the current restrictions, alongside coping strategies and some mindfulness techniques to help with our stress levels.

This is a very challenging time for everyone. A mum recently described it as surreal and it does have that air of strangeness about it. I feel very lucky that amongst all this insecurity, I have had my new web-site to focus on. Having something creative to distract me has been a useful headspace to lose myself in. Victoria has been a star, always there at the end of the phone to hold my hand through the very steep learning curve I have had to undergo. Her patience and her expertise have made it a positive, happy experience.

You could liken the re-birth of my online brand to any other birth – it’s been exciting watching it grow and develop; it’s been a little bit daunting at times and in need of some nurturing; but in the end I have produced an outcome that I have fallen in love with!

Please take the time to have a look yourself and enjoy the visual experience. I am always more than happy to talk to anyone considering taking my hypnobirthing course but who might have questions or reservations. It’s important that a client feels comfortable with their hypnobirthing teacher so it is always worth a chat to check me out. This is exactly what Victoria and her husband did before they booked!

Wishing you all a calm and peaceful pregnancy,

4 thoughts on “The birth of my new web-site!”

  1. Catherine Steel-Brewster

    Beautiful website by the most beautiful woman I know. Anne cares like the mum, sister, friend you need at the start of an epic journey. She is a sprinkle of sunshine when things might be wobbly and she gifted me a serene birth. Everyone needs an Anne in their life. X

    1. Thank you Catherine for those lovely words. I always use your experience as an example in my course! Thanks again xxx

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