Hypnobirthing – why should I bother?

To me hypnobirthing is the best thing that you can do in your pregnancy to prepare for labour and birth.  Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why;

  1. You’ll never forget your birth. No matter what type of labour, no matter how the journey unfolds it’s so much better to look back and know that you rocked it.
  2. Instead of spending your pregnancy with your head in the sand not wanting to face the thought of labour and birth, when we meet you can get it all off your chest ( I won’t judge you for your worries no matter how big or small and I won’t tell anyone what you say either) and then we can start work together on getting your head prepared. And you will feel better. Everyone I have worked with does.
  3. Your birth partner who you maybe have to drag along because they think it’s a load of woohoo. I’ll explain the science behind hypnosis. We will talk brain waves, what the neo-coretx is, why I can’t put anyone ‘under’. Every sceptical birth partner I have worked with comes away from my course impressed with hypnosis.
  4. I teach it in bite sized chunks. Because I feel it’s a lot to take in in one day and I get tired too. The break between allows the information to settle. You get to practise the first steps at home. Then anything you want to go over we can do when we next meet and before you learn the next techniques.
  5. I’m amazingly good value. Think how much you spent on chair covers for your wedding, how much we spend on getting our hair done every couple of months. For just £200 investment you get personal one to one training for the biggest event in your life. And from an experienced midwife and hypnotherapist. It’s a no-brainer.

Have I convinced you? No? Why don’t you get in touch info@annethemidwife,co,uk or hear what some of the parents who took my course have to say – click here 

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