Spring Babies

This week I have been making instant cheer in my window boxes by planting flowering daffodils in my window boxes. It feels as though spring is on its way as we await news of births. I have a number of  hypnobirthing clients as well as those from yoga class who are awaiting the arrival of their little ones. Meanwhile new clients and birth partners who are due April onwards are taking my 1:1 course to help prepare their minds for a positive birth experience. It won’t be long before this years summer babies are on their way!

I love that I can be flexible in adapting my 1:1 course to meet the specific needs of a client. I recently tailor made a shorter course for an expectant mum and her birth partner who, in this instance was her mum. Both ladies had lots of knowledge between them; Grandma from birthing her own babies and expectant mum from taking a hypnobirthing course. However, Grandma was concerned about  her role in labour. She had the experience of giving birth but that’s  very different to being a birth partner! Also things have changed so much since we had our babies. She wanted to be more informed about how best to support her daughter in birth. Especially as she hadn’t used hypnobirthing herself.

We had a great 2 hour session on a weekday evening at my house. I went through what we knew about hormones and their importance in labour. We discussed how to support a woman in labour who is using self- hypnosis.

Grandma learned about the importance of how to manage the environment and be the gatekeeper. By the end both were  feeling much happier and confident with the knowledge they had gained. We even noticed a difference in Grandma’s body language – she arrived looking a little apprehensive and left standing taller and looking super confident. I just know that she is going to be a brilliant birth partner for her daughter.

I love teaching my 1:1 course to pregnant women and their birth partners and being able to  adapt it to fit.  So, for example if you have covered the labour and birth timeline on another antenatal course but still want to learn the self-hypnosis and relaxation tools we can adjust the time and the price accordingly.

I also love chatting to pregnant women about pregnancy and birth!  Maybe you want to find out a little bit more about how self-hypnosis works before you decide to book? Or have other questions? I’m happy to have an informal, no obligation conversation to see if my course is for you.  Please give me a call, send a text or e-mail me via the contact page.  AnnetheMidwife 07758264533.

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