Midwife, hypnotherapist and yoga teacher

I am a hypnobirthing midwife, Birthlight Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga teacher and Baby Massage tutor based in North Yorkshire.

I became interested in hypnobirthing after being at a labour where a woman used self-hypnosis techniques. Her labour was so different to  others that I had attended. Although she still made some noise she seemed calmer in herself, less afraid. The noises she made were different too. She did more moaning and groaning that appeared to help her than crying out with fear. I could see she was still having to work hard, that there were times when she was unsure she could do it. But her birth partner seemed to know how to reassure her and help keep her re-focus. Lots of other elements were in place; the room was quieter, the lights were dimmed, she had music playing in the background. All of these contributing to helping her feel calm, relaxed and undisturbed.

I then trained in a particular brand of hypnobirthing called  Natal Hypnotherapy™ developed by Maggie Howell and I began delivering private workshops. The more I found out about hypnosis the more interested I became in how it could be used in other areas of life and this led me to qualify as a general hypnotherapist in 2015. I love being a hypnobirthing midwife because I can draw upon my experiences of working as an NHS midwife but now have the opportunity to run courses that benefit mums and their families.

If you want to take the course with Anne the hypnobirthing midwife here in North Yorkshire you can attend on your own or with a birth partner – this might be your life partner,  mum or a friend.  The course is 8 hours long, split over 2-3 bite sized sessions and usually takes place at Anne’s  home in Great Ayton. Ideally the hypnobirthing course should be taken when you are between 25-34 weeks pregnant but it’s designed that it can be taken at any stage in pregnancy.

I also teach  Birthlight pregnancy and post natal yoga classes as well as baby massage.

Pregnancy yoga classes can be taken from 14 weeks right up to full term and are a lovely way to make time for yourself and your unborn baby each week. I run  evening classes in Saltburn and in Guisborough plus a daytime class in Great Ayton. For details about the pregnancy yoga and  how to book click here.

Postnatal classes can be attended as soon as you feel ready after birth. These are a warm and nurturing space to come to in the early weeks following birth when new mums often need looking after. Everyone learns so much from each other particularly after the class when we have tea and cake together! Mums and babies come to this class for as long as they want – anything from a few weeks to a few months. Details can be found here. 

Baby Massage is a 5 week course for up to 5 mums and babies that I run every few months. It’s a great way for you and your little one to spend time together, learning the techniques of massage that you can use at home. It can be very beneficial if your baby has tummy ache or colic. We also add in some yoga moves for mum, a relaxation plus a cuppa and cake to round off each class. To find out more click here. 

I’m happy to chat before you book so that you can find out more about any of my courses.  If you would prefer a group hypnobirthing course I can recommend other practitioners who run  workshops for groups of expectant couples  in the area.

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Anne Du Chemin, Registered Midwife, Birthlight yoga teacher and Qualified Hypnotherapist.